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Like so many people, I was greatly affected by Jack Kerouac's "On The Road." It would lead me to read his other books, as well as the works of other Beat writers, poets and musicians. I also took every opportunity to talk with some of these people as well as those who have worked with Jack or been involved in this greatly misunderstood literary movement.


An incredibly talented musician, David Amram was part of the New York scene of the 1950's and provided musical accompanyment to many of Kerouac's live performances. He also appeared with Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso in the film "Pull My Daisy," which was filmed by photographer Robert Frank and narrated by Kerouac. I spoke with Amram in the Spring of 2002 about his experiences, many of which are documented in a book he wrote called, "Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac." Click on his name above to listen to segments of the interview and see photos from a lecture he gave later that year in Miami.



Diane di Prima interview - Click to listenMP3 AUDIO: A brief interview with Diane di Prima after she took part in a conference on the Beat Generation at the 1999 Miami Book Fair. She briefly discusses her 50 years of writing, the Beat scene and even her one sexual experience with Jack Kerouac. Runs 5:08 (4.71 mb).


Allen Ginsberg was one of the most recognizable and contoversial of the Beat figures. Here you can listen to excerts from my interview with him in 1994, two and a half years before his death. He looks back on the Beat movement and his relationships with Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. There are also photos from our interview. Click on his name above.


Michael McClure interview - Click to listenMP3 AUDIO: Michael McClure briefly discusses with me the legacy of the Beats, as well as his modern work with former Doors member Ray Manzarek before speaking at a Beat Generation lecture, which was part of the 1999 Miami Book Fair. Runs 3:47 (3.47 mb).


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